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Cardio Equipment Orientation

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Fitness Director 
Jen Smith

Personal Training (By Appointment Only)

Jen Smith is the area’s most respected Fitness Trainer.  For over a decade, and now as the Fitness Director for Serrano Country Club, Jen has been improving the lives of many dedicated local residents.    She admits that the client is responsible for achieving the results, and that it takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination.  But Jen’s techniques soften the blow by making workouts fun, challenging, and a bit different each time.  She works with all fitness levels, regardless of age, and focuses on teaching proper form and technique for maximum results.
Jen transformed herself and lost 80 lbs after the birth of her third child. She loves helping others reach their fitness goals who are seeking drastic or moderate changes in their personal fitness level. 
Jen is a Certified Ace Personal Trainer and is recognized as a Certified Tae Bo, TRX, Spin, Kick Box, Group Training, Pilates Reformer, Les Mills Body Pump, and a certified BeachBody Coach (the largest producer of home exercise DVD’s in the world and nutritional products). 
Jen specializes in the following:
  • Assessing physical condition and tracking changes
  • Setting Goals
  • Making nutritional plans and supporting better eating habits
  • Teaching proper strength training techniques
  • Improving endurance
  • Motivating her clients to work hard and do the best that they can 

Training Rates: 
Individual Personal Training:$70/hour for individual
2 People:$35 per person per hour
For more information, you can reach Jen at 916-969-9599 or email at

Personal Trainer's

Kelly Leone

My name is Kelly, Health, Wellness and Fitness has always been a large part of my life. I have my Bachelors in Health Education and have worked in the health and wellness field for many years. Pilates felt like a natural step to me as I experienced firsthand the results of this unique and powerful workout. I’m a Scott Pilates trained and Certified in Reformer and mat work with golf specific training. My goal is to educate my clients on the essence of movement that will stay with them long after their sessions end. I love to watch my clients become stronger, more confident and feel the results of their hard work incorporated into their daily life and other activities. 

Miles Bartlett

 My name is Miles, I’ve been a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor for 9 years. I have a degree from Bryan College in Exercise Science with Certifications in Nasm & Check Golf. I specialize in the following: Corrective exercise, sports conditioning, golf specific training, core strength and Flexibility. I love helping people improve their quality of life through fitness. 

Keri Schu

My name is Keri, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer 16 years ago because I’m passionate about helping people incorporate fitness to change their life. I’m Fall proof and Senior Fitness Certified to work with clients to improve balance, strength, flexibility and functional fitness. As a cancer survivor, I realized the importance of becoming an ACE Certified Medical Specialist working as an extension of the medical team for clients recovering from cancer, surgery and general aches and pains. I also design weight loss strategies that will best suit individual lifestyles and set clients up for success.  If your goal is to train for an event, I will work with you all the way to the finish line-where I will be to get the first hug! Whether you want to lose a few pounds, gain strength to improve your golf or tennis game, or put on the boxing gloves to de-stress, there is always somewhere to go in your fitness journey. It is my goal to help you get there.




Fitness Director, Jen Smith's

 May/ June 2018 Newsletter Article 

I get asked by members a lot, "How often should I lift weights per week?"  I think this is a valid and great question as we all know that lifting weights can help lower the risk of heart disease, derease blood pressure, improve cholesterol numbers, improve balance and is the best defense against osteoporosis.

Weekly Schedule
If you're experienced in weight training, try a routine to give you a total resistance workout of threee times per week.  Space out your weight training by lifting weights on one day and resting the muscles on the next day, as this ensures that your muscles get a good chance to recover.  For example, lift weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday, perform some moderate to intense cardio exercises on Tuesday and Thursday, and take the weekend to completely rest your entire body to be ready for the next weekly routine.  With this type of workout, you need to hit all muscle groups on all 3 weight-lifting days and do some serious cardio on the other 2 days.

I would recommend three to six sets of resistance training on each major body part (arms, legs, chest, core and shoulders).  Each set should contain 8 to 12 repetitions with a weight that you can manage before it becomes a struggle to lift effecting your form.  10 to 15 repetitions per set may also be thrown in every other week or heavier weights with fewer reps such as 4 to 6 to trick your body's propensity for muscle memory.  This increase in reps is required because muscle mass is lost naturally as you age, and you will need to work harder to maintain and build muscle the older you become.  You should rest and allow your muscles to recover for at least 48 hours, on average, after your resistance training session before you tackle your next one to ensure that your muscles have time to repair.

Other workout routines may be done over a 4-day cycle.  For example, you might work your chest, triceps and biceps on Monday, legs, back and shoulders on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday and repeat this cycle on Thursday and Friday.  With the 4-day cycle, you might consider higher reps with heavier weights on the latter part of the week.  If you really want to get your body to burn calories, I recommend starting with at least 10 to 20 minute high-paced cardio exercise on your favorite cardio machine.

You Will Burn More Calories
Although cardio burns more calories than strength training during your 30-minute sweat session, lifting weights burns more overall.  It all goes back to building muscle.  It take more energy (calories) for your body to maintain muscle cells than it does fat cells.  So by lifting weights to add ore muscle mass, you will boost your metabolism and turn your body into a more efficient fat-burning machine.

There are tons of other types of routines that you can follow that may be more to your liking, or even may be more benificial to your personal style of working out.  There is no golden rule besides getting out and doing something!  For example, some people may have a bad shoulder, knee or other issues that won't allow them to workout a particular body part.  If this is your case, do something, work around it, but don't let it stop you from following some plan of action.  If you don't want to do leg day (men), then do something else that you enjoy doing during your workout.   The most impportant this is to do something!