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Cardio Equipment Orientation

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Fitness Director 
Jen Smith

Personal Training (By Appointment Only)

Jen Smith is the area’s most respected Fitness Trainer.  For over a decade, and now as the Fitness Director for Serrano Country Club, Jen has been improving the lives of many dedicated local residents.    She admits that the client is responsible for achieving the results, and that it takes an enormous amount of discipline and determination.  But Jen’s techniques soften the blow by making workouts fun, challenging, and a bit different each time.  She works with all fitness levels, regardless of age, and focuses on teaching proper form and technique for maximum results.
Jen transformed herself and lost 80 lbs after the birth of her third child. She loves helping others reach their fitness goals who are seeking drastic or moderate changes in their personal fitness level. 
Jen is a Certified Ace Personal Trainer and is recognized as a Certified Tae Bo, TRX, Spin, Kick Box, Group Training, Pilates Reformer, Les Mills Body Pump, and a certified BeachBody Coach (the largest producer of home exercise DVD’s in the world and nutritional products). 
Jen specializes in the following:
  • Assessing physical condition and tracking changes
  • Setting Goals
  • Making nutritional plans and supporting better eating habits
  • Teaching proper strength training techniques
  • Improving endurance
  • Motivating her clients to work hard and do the best that they can 

Training Rates: 
Individual Personal Training:$70/hour for individual
2 People:$35 per person per hour
For more information, you can reach Jen at 916-969-9599 or email at

Personal Trainer's

Kelly Leone

My name is Kelly, Health, Wellness and Fitness has always been a large part of my life. I have my Bachelors in Health Education and have worked in the health and wellness field for many years. Pilates felt like a natural step to me as I experienced firsthand the results of this unique and powerful workout. I’m a Scott Pilates trained and Certified in Reformer and mat work with golf specific training. My goal is to educate my clients on the essence of movement that will stay with them long after their sessions end. I love to watch my clients become stronger, more confident and feel the results of their hard work incorporated into their daily life and other activities. 

Miles Bartlett

 My name is Miles, I’ve been a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor for 9 years. I have a degree from Bryan College in Exercise Science with Certifications in Nasm & Check Golf. I specialize in the following: Corrective exercise, sports conditioning, golf specific training, core strength and Flexibility. I love helping people improve their quality of life through fitness. 

Keri Schu

My name is Keri, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer 16 years ago because I’m passionate about helping people incorporate fitness to change their life. I’m Fall proof and Senior Fitness Certified to work with clients to improve balance, strength, flexibility and functional fitness. As a cancer survivor, I realized the importance of becoming an ACE Certified Medical Specialist working as an extension of the medical team for clients recovering from cancer, surgery and general aches and pains. I also design weight loss strategies that will best suit individual lifestyles and set clients up for success.  If your goal is to train for an event, I will work with you all the way to the finish line-where I will be to get the first hug! Whether you want to lose a few pounds, gain strength to improve your golf or tennis game, or put on the boxing gloves to de-stress, there is always somewhere to go in your fitness journey. It is my goal to help you get there.




Fitness Director, Jen Smith - Newsletter Article - May - June 2017


Spring is in the air and along with it comes warm sunny days and an abundance of beautiful blossoms.  This can be a challenging time for many in the Sacramento Valley.  Sacramento has more trees than most cities and the pollen tends to settle in the valley making allergies unavoidable for some people.  There is hope and the good new is you can prevent and reduce symptoms naturally without the use of harsh allergy medications.  To truly heal the body of allergies, it is important to treat underlying weaknesses, strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.


  • Proper Digestion-  The digestive system is the foundation for optimal health.  Taking a therapeutic dose of probiotic daily will keep the gut free of microbes that put additonal burden on our immune system.  Gut imbalance makes the immune system have to work extra hard and it isn't able to keep up with the allergens floating around in the air.
  • Avoid Mucus Producing Foods & Sugar- Foods that cause the body to produce excess mucus such as gluten and dairy will exacerbate congestion and allergy symptoms.  Refined sugar causes inflammation and further weakens the immune system setting allergy sufferers up for major hay fever symptoms.
  • Boosting the Immune System- Local bee pollen is wonderful to build the immune system and desensitize the body to local pollen.  Take 1 Tsp per day of local bee pollen.  This may be added to the Serrano Spring Tea Blen or taken on its own.  Please note: if you have a bee allergy check with your doctor before taking bee pollen.
  • Natural Allergy Relief- For natural prevention and symptom relief it's important to stay one step ahead and not wait until you feel the symptons in full effect.  Drinking Serrano Spring Tea Blend all day with honey and local bee pollen is a must.  In addition, taking an allergy blend with quercetin, vitamin C and enzymes 3 times daily will greatly reduce symptoms.  Daily use of a Neti Pot to irrigate the sinus canal is critical as it will physically remove allergens from the body.  I recommend adding a pinch of baking soda to the sea salt mixtured to reduce tissue swelling and greatly improve breathing.
  • Proper Hydration- One of the most important ways of keeping the body more alkaline rather than acidic is proper hydration.  I recommend at least 64oz of spring water daily. Remember your Serrano Spring Tea counts toward your daily water intake.
​Wishing you peace, prosperity and perfect healther always! 

Kris Bertsch, MSOM, Jiva Wellness